Terms and Conditions

The website (www.sugartongtong.com) allows the user (customer/client/buyer/website visitor) to place electronic orders for products, including jewellery, bags and home accessories, displayed on the site,

A sale, or purchasing contract, only comes into effect when the user places an order and the payment for the order is received by SugarTongTong. Products will only be dispatched once the full payment has been received by SugarTongTong, given the products are available and not sold out or discontinued.

In the case of payment failure (insufficient funds/incorrect account details etc.) the product will not be dispatched.

Payment queries can be directed to info@sugartongtong.com.

All users are bound by the Terms and Conditions of www.sugartongtong.com through access and use of the website.

Products purchased from the website are at the risk of the user. The user agrees to hold the supplier harmless against injury, loss or damage that may result from the use of any product or transaction occurring on the website or from any related outlet.


All SugarTongTong designs are originally conceptualised and may not be reproduced, in whatever format, without permission. Similarly, no SugarTongTong design, product or website content may be used for marketing or related purposes, without the consent of SugarTongTong.


Privacy Policy

At SugarTongTong we are committed to protecting your privacy. As such, the only information we store in our system is shipping details, including your contact information and delivery address.

Private, ecommerce-related information will remain with the payment processor, which in the case of international orders is PayPal, and PayFast in the case of South African orders. SugarTongTong does not sell or share private user information with any third parties. Select information, usually relating to contact and delivery details, may be disclosed to courier services to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of your purchases.

In the interest of providing a better, faster and more user-friendly service, SugarTongTong may from time to time collect information about how the website is accessed and used. 


Competitions and Giveaways

At SugarTongTong we like to share the love and inspiration with regular competitions and giveaways!

Information specific to each competition and/or giveaway will be posted to the website. As such, each competition and/or giveaway will be governed by its own set of rules.

Competitions and giveaways may be used as a means to collect information pertaining to our users’ lifestyles, design taste and shopping habits to better customise our products and services to satisfy user needs.

Competition and giveaway winners will be asked for their contact and shipping details to facilitate delivery of the prize.